Coronavirus Diaries: Week Thirteen

May 23

And just like that, Whitmer extended the stay-at-home order until June 12th. Did not see that coming. But happy to see it, to be honest. It still doesn’t feel like this is all under control yet, so why rush it? (Well, I’m sure people without jobs and businesses that are flailing can think of some reasons, but me, I’m content to stay safe.)

She announced it after business hours on Friday, though, so what the library will do is still unknown.

May 24

Recommendations are a little unclear right now. Earlier in the week, our governor said it was okay to gather in groups of 10 or less. But then by Friday, she was extending the stay-at-home order. So…you can go out but she’d prefer you didn’t, I think is what’s happening.

Well, either my in-laws took that as a sign or they have just really been missing their granddaughter lately, because they asked if they could come up for a visit. They know we’ve been good at social distancing and we know they’ve been good at social distancing, so we said sure.

Actually, my socializing has took a dramatic increase in the last three days. On Friday, I saw not one but two friends, sitting a proper distance away from them on their porch and deck, respectively, sipping on drinks and having normal adult conversations face-to-face. It was a little bit weird, and then it was a lot of bit nice, and as much as I’m okay with hermiting at home, well, it was a welcomed departure from our new normal.

The only thing was that with both friends, I went to their house, and my in-laws wanted to come here. I’ve talked before that I haven’t been doing a thorough job of keeping the house picked up, because what’s the point? And I didn’t even realize I should clean until I woke up this morning. The convention of cleaning for guests is so out of practice for me that I almost completely forgot to do it. Not that it mattered all that much; I don’t think they’d judge me. But still, for my own peace of mind, I had to at least wipe down the counters and put some of Amelia’s toys away.

It was a lovely day, so we spent most of the time outside anyhow. Amelia was so happy to have new people to interact with, so much so that when I asked her if she wanted me to stay in the house or if she wanted alone time with Grandma, she pointed at me and said “you can go outside.” Roger that, captain.

It was a very nice visit, but we were all out of practice, and so I doubt anyone will talk much to each other the rest of the night and we’ll all probably go to bed early because socializing is exhausting, y’all.

May 25

Some thoughts on Memorial Day, published on Indelible Ink.

May 27

Today was supposed to be the first American launch of astronauts since the space shuttle program shut down. Amelia is really into rockets right now, so we had to make sure we watched it live. Unfortunately, twenty minutes before launch, the weather was deemed too dangerous, and they scrubbed.

I was really looking forward to the launch. I guess because there isn’t much to look forward to right now. And just like everything else there might be to look forward to lately, it was cancelled. Predictable.

And yet the whole thing seemed a little preposterous. Why would we send astronauts to space in a tiny enclosed capsule when there’s really no way to determine if they’re absolutely 100% covid-free? What a strange idea–straight out of a science-fiction novel, it would seem.

May 28

I’ve run out of kitchen towels.

Well, not really. But instead of folding towels after they’re washed, I’ve just been tossing them on the futon in the basement to be folded later. Later never really seems to come, though. So my supply of kitchen towels has run out. Just another example of how relaxed we’ve been with keeping up the house.