Coronavirus Diaries: Week Three

March 16

Now I’ve got a cold. Christ Almighty. 

I’m 95% sure none of us has had coronavirus. Chris did have a fever on Thursday, albeit, a slight one (101), so I think that’s what sent up the red flag. But he didn’t have a cough or trouble breathing. Still, it’s awfully suspect that we’ve been super sick during this pandemic. But not with the symptoms of the pandemic, so…whatever. 

This was our first weekend “social distancing,” and it was boring. It’s hard staying at home with a toddler. If it were just Chris and me, we’d have no problem. We’d binge watch things and read and work on projects. But Amelia demands all our attention all the time. I wonder what our lives would have looked like if this happened five years ago. Would we have used the time wisely?

Oh, just got an email from the library. They’re making us work half our time but paying us for our full. I’m happy for that, but I’m not happy that the stakes of life keep changing every hour. 

March 17

Day four of “social distancing,” and nothing really feels too different. Amelia’s always been a bit of a homebody, and she has plenty of toys. It’s me who misses the excuses to get out of the house. Though taking Amelia to the museum, to the gardens, to the mall can be just as exhausting as sitting on the floor and playing with her for hours on end, the change of scenery is always welcomed. It would be convenient if the weather would warm up sometime soon, so at least we could play outside, but spring in Michigan can be so elusive.

Our vision is limited to our own house and yard. It’s strange not to be able to physically see how this is affecting the world. Our only windows to the outside are the television and our phones, where we read and watch and listen to a myriad of fabricated things; how are we supposed to differentiate between reality and fiction? Even though I know the deaths are real, it feels more like I’m watching a dystopian or apocalyptic movie, because when I look out my front window, the world still looks the same as it always has.

March 19

The library decided that people aren’t allowed in the buildings anymore, at least until April 6, but who knows how long really? I brought home 12 books at the end of my shift yesterday, not knowing when I might get back. I still have to work from home, which, as someone whose job is solely based on physical materials, doesn’t seem especially sensible. I think it will be a lot of watching training videos, essentially.