Coronavirus Diaries: Week One

Feb 27

Whew. What a morning. Amelia seemed to be being difficult on purpose, refusing to wash her hands for, like, ten minutes after she peed in the potty. And I’m like, if you want breakfast, you HAVE to wash your hands, or your pee hands are going to go right in your mouth, and that’s gross.

Meanwhile, coronavirus has made it to the U.S., and if anyone is gonna contract it, it’ll be Amelia for sure, if she keeps refusing to wash her hands. 

March 3

A lot of the writers I follow on social media are debating whether or not they’ll attend the annual AWP Conference. It’s in San Antonio, Texas, and the mayor there just declared a “state of emergency” regarding the coronavirus. Apparently, they were considering canceling the whole conference, but lats I heard, it’s still happening. They’re letting people back out and refunding their money, though. My friend Maryann was going to go but has a sinus infection now; it’s not a good time to go to a city that is teeming with a highly-contagious virus when your immune system is already compromised.

Hundreds of people are backing out.

All this worry might be for nothing. They might be missing a great opportunity out of fear.

Or they might be saving lives, including their own, by not taking the risk.

I guess we’ll never know.