Writing Prompt: Bucket List


**Write a book.** I should think this one was the most obvious. It’s not just the promise of becoming rich and famous, for there are plenty of published authors who are neither of those things. It’s more about the act of writing it, or more so, the act of completing it. I have written a 110-page Master’s Thesis–I KNOW I can write a book; I know I’m capable of writing that much. It’s just that this time, the content is my life, which makes the whole thing quite a bit more intimidating for more reasons than one.

**Learn Italian.** True, Spanish would be a much more appropriate second language for me to learn. It has a lot more use in the U.S. But there is something about Italian that I can’t shake–the cadence, the musicality, the prestige. In my opinion, it’s the most beautiful language of them all. I’ve been to Italy three times, and I still don’t know Italian. The second time I visited, I was there six weeks, and when I left, I could place a deli order all in Italian, but that was about it. The third time I visited, I could have somewhat of a conversation with an Italian, but we were both drunk and no one remembered what either person said the next day anyhow. No, the next time I’m in Italy (and there will be a next time), I will converse with Italians in their native language.

**Learn piano.** I was talking with my cousin recently about what hobbies we used to have in high school and college that we regret letting fall to the wayside. And while I don’t necessary regret not continuing with the flute (there are few occassions when gathered around a bonfire with friends that someone wishes there was a flautist there to provide some tunes), I do miss being able to produce music. For the last decade, I have had the dream of sitting down at my Dad’s piano at Christmastime and suprising everyone by playing carols. I’d like to see that dream become reality someday.

**Perform a dance.** Dancing in a crowd is not the same as dancing *for* a crowd. Whether it be with just one other person in a ballroom or with a group of people on a stage, I want the added element of the audience watching and being moved by my moves. I want a chance to show off my hard work, my dedication, but most of all, my passion for dance.

**Continue to travel.** I want to see: the Grand Canyon, the redwood forests, the fall colors of New England, the dry deserts out west, Mayan ruins, Greece, Japan, Egypt, New Zealand, the rest of Europe. And I want to revisit the places that have left a mark on my heart: Iceland, Italy, Alaska, Hawaii. All these places and much much more.

I know none of these are all that risky or adventure-seeking. But these are the things that lay on my heart every day, the things that I’m most passionate about, the things I desire the most. What makes better material for a bucket list than the things you never stop wanting to do?

*What’s on your bucket list? Why those things? Set your timer and write*